It’s Super Bowl Time – Time for Super Treats!

super bowl

Happy Superbowl day to all!  Since it’s the last day of the football season – we need treats that are well, super!  So let’s begin going from top left and working our way down the picture.

TOP LEFT: Ref Cookies

These are so simple! You buy Nutter Butter Cookies and dip half the cookie in melted white chocolate. Let those dry. I put them in the fridge so they get hard quicker and stay hard.   Then you get a black gel cookie writer and use that for the strips. Finally I use some vanilla icing to glue on the candy eyes.   I then put it back into the fridge to harden. I took them out to get room temperature before I am serving them.

TOP RIGHT: Taco Crescent Bites

Another “hack” type recipe.  All you need to do is go to the grocery store and buy Crescent Dough Sheets – if you can’t find it, you can use crescent rolls, but then you will need to roll them together into one big sheet.

On parchment paper, I roll out the bottom layer of the dough.  Then on a separate piece of parchment paper, I roll out the top layer of the dough.  Next, you need ground beef. I buy 90-10 ground beef, about 1 pound( 10% fat) and coat a skillet with olive grilling oil, and start breaking up the ground beef in the skillet.  Once I have all the meat in the skillet, I then add HALF a packet of Mild Taco Seasoning and about 2 teaspoons of Buffalo Wings Hot Sauce. and stir.  You need to keep stirring and breaking up the meat so it browns evenly with a wooden spoon.  After about 10-12 minutes, the meat is done. I turn off the gas and start to spoon it onto the bottom layer of the crescent dough I rolled out.  I transfer it to a cookie sheet ( Parchment paper with dough) then I add Mexican Style Cheese and press it onto the top of the meat. Once that is done, I place the top layer of the dough onto the mixture and fold the sides so the meat stays put and use a fork and place holes on the entire top layer.  Then I melt about 1 -2 pats of butter and brush it on it the crescent dough.  You bake it at 375 degrees for about 15 minutes.  Once it is cooled, you can cut it into bite-sizes and serve it with Salsa.

The 2 bottom pictures go together. The little bags are made from blank labels you can get in an office store and I cut them to look like a football and place them on the bag.  Inside the bag is a NO BAKE popcorn snack.   Now, you can use AS much as you want of Popcorn, M&Ms, and Chopped Walnuts, depending on HOW many guests you have. I don’t have that many for today, so I used small snack size bags of popcorn, 1 box of M&Ms, and about 1 cup of chopped walnuts.   Lay all ingredients out on a cookie sheet that is covered with parchment paper.  Then you sprinkle sea salt and cinnamon sugar on it. Finally you melt chocolate ( I have a combo of milk and dark)  and drizzle it all over the popcorn mixture.  I put it in the fridge to get hard and then about 2 hours later, you can take it out,  and break it up into pieces and place them in each bag.

There ya go!

Now you have 3 different treats to serve at your Superbowl party! Have fun and remember, don’t drink and drive!!

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