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The Making Of Christmas Part 1

Here are 3 DIY crafts that I have done for this Christmas. The first one is a present /cookie platter topper.  I make little toppers that really give a personal splash to each gift that I give.  This year I made little gingerbread boys using felt and I stuffed them with cotton. 

little gingerbread boy

He really will become the “star” of the show.  People are excited when they see him! Sometimes I make a little loop for people to be able to place him on the tree, but this year, I decided to just make them as mini-stuffed animals.  Oh, I I stuff them with cotton balls.  Yep, I break up the balls and stuff them inside.

santa workshop.jpg

This year I created Santa’s Workshop.  I usually have a small tree and a village around it, but my nephew still loves to touch things, so I thought, hey, if he is going to touch it might as well be a mini village made out of cookies, icing and sprinkles!


Finally, I made 3 special reindeer headbands. One for me, one for my nephew and one for my little cousin.  My nephew will decide who will wear what, but to make these are simple: 1) dollar store sells a set of 3 headbands 2) go to the craft store to get the little decorations for the headbands and also some thick brown felt.  ( if not, foam works too!) 3) Use the glue gun and glue them together. Do not let the little ones touch the glue gun – it really can burn them!   They are dried and ready to be worn in 10 minutes!

Next blog post I will cover some of the cookies and treats that I made for the big holiday!!

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New Products Alert

As you can see, there are a lot new and exciting products added to Clever Cakes! We are all so excited and hope you are too!

July 4th, is only a week away, show your Spirit for USA by ordering an exclusive tote bag or change purse! All these are decorated Red, White and Blue! Another surprise July 4th design is coming this weekend! Stay tuned.

Also added is the new Reading Collection.  I am also an author and books play a very important part of my life! Show your love for reading this summer with one of Clever Cakes exclusive Tote Bag!

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Why Clever Cakes?

When a consumer supports their local business owners, they enjoy the benefits they can’t possibly get from shopping at national chains. When you personally know the people behind the business where you’re buying local products and services, you enjoy a connection you would not otherwise have. You celebrate their ups and also encourage their downs. This personal investment isn’t present with a big corporation or chain store. Local businesses give a community its flavor. My brand is different from any chain or corporation out there. I know the products you buy or the services you request on a regular basis and can tailor those services to make your experience even better.

Being a female entrepreneur, and being passionate about what I do, makes me want to reach my brand, ideas and products outward to a bigger audience. I put myself into my work and create something that’s enjoyable on multiple levels. I want to create a connection with my audience not only through my podcast, but through my books, my social media services and the products I will sell. Clever Cakes is owned and operated by your neighbor! I care about and invest in the well-being of my community and its future. Local businesses are more accountable to their local communities and donate more money to non-profits. Besides having my company and brand donate to local charities, I also want to be able to reach a greater audience and help in any way I can through having my brand supported with your help.

I have always wanted to develop a product line. My exclusive tote bags, T-shirts, and sneakers, are designed with love, creativity, and passion. Not only do I love a great product, but I also love a great cookie. I have loved to bake since I was younger. There’s nothing quite like taking a bite out of a fresh cookie! Eventually, I would like to sell those during the fall and winter months and also have subscription boxes that are unique and make each customer feel that way as well. This is why my brand, Clever Cakes is so important to me.

It’s more than just having a dream fulfilled. It’s also being able to reach out and knowing that small businesses do not always stay small – hence why corporations are developed through the priceless support of local and small businesses. We need to make sure we publicize and highlight the successes of female entrepreneurs. Role models are a motivators and many women who own a small business, are sought out by young girls and offer them mentor-ship and investment in their ideas.

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Grand Opening: Save The Date


Clever Cakes Products will start to be sold June 1st.

I am so excited for the grand opening and plan to have an online party to celebrate with freebies and fun! It’s going to be Fantastic! I am working hard on making the website right now, but you can check the Facebook page for an album of  products that you can purchase. Some newbies were added today as well; plus more on the way!

The site is going to be unique as products will be presented in a 2 weeks at a time fashion, while some products will be available at all times. I will take orders on custom themes as well. Oh, did I tell you that I will also be having special packages that you can order? They will come in a keepsake box, which I always find useful.

Here are some more pictures of some of my products- enjoy and see you soon!!


This is a top product- Great for those ladies who aren’t afraid to show some Sass, but are always Classy doing it. Great for teen girls.  All sizes available.


Nothing shows sass and class more than wearing a cool and comfy pair of glittery sneakers.

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The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

I am looking forward to getting to you each and every one of you as I start my new journey putting my recipes, crafts, and love for online shopping ( and coffee, how can I forget about that?) to work.

Follow me on Facebook at: for more information.

More to come in April!! See you then!

Stephanie Dolce