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Update on Recipe Book

Love at First cover revised 3-12-19

It’s not that easy to type up a recipe book! It’s a lot of work! I have to get all my recipes in line, look at them, and make sure that they have instructions and ingredients all listed. It’s not like writing a blog post, where I can just type away.

It’s coming along. I hope to have the book DONE by the end of JUNE and then edited, by the end of the summer with it’s release in September.

Stay tuned.

By the way….. IN the book is my fan-favorite recipe “S’mores Bars” which are a really big hit and can be made ANY time of the year.  I just made them the other day for a friend for his birthday and he told me to put it in my “sassy file!”



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Let’s Hop Towards Easter

Easter is just around the corner; literally.  Here are 2 fun and easy #DIY projects that you can do for either an Easter treat or an Easter Decor.

On the left are Easter Baskets using mason jars.  Now if they young you can use plastic jars that they sell in dollar stores and even craft stores.  But I find these are best, because who really wants to spend money on a stupid basket that the kids are not going to even care about?  All they care about are the treats inside!

On the right is a fun bunny you can make either using marshmallows or white gum balls or white colored Easter candy! Then you can draw a face on the jar, and use thick felt to make the ears. You also will need to use a glue gun to glue them to the top.

Overall, Easter is a fun time and these two DIY projects make it even better!


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The Store Is Now Open



I am so excited to announce that my dream of having my own product line is officially open for business!! I worked hard on this line and took my time with the process of getting my line ready.  I have more products to come your way – which will happen every 2 weeks! You will notice that I have a featured selection on my site, that will change every 2 weeks and some products are a limited-edition.  I also plan to have cookies and other treats available for purchase coming this fall.   Besides that I am developing a subscription box service that is one-of-a-kind- you won’t find it anywhere else!

The store is open- please enjoy your browsing and if you have any questions, I can be reached on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and through email.

Enjoy my happy place and I hope to make it yours.

Click here and be taken to the shop!